Fast charging industrial endoscope

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From the familiar slogan "Charge 3 minutes, talk for 2 hours", we know the fast charging of mobile phones; from Tesla, we know the fast charging of cars. Now JEET has developed an endoscope with fast charging.

This endoscope can be quickly charged using the universal charger and USB cable of the mobile phone. Through the communication between the smart chip of the endoscope and the charger, it can be boosted from ordinary 5V charging to 12V charging, and the endoscope can be supplied with electric energy through ordinary USB cables. The disadvantages of the previous endoscope chargers are huge and bloated and dedicated for special planes. Today's endoscope chargers are not only convenient to obtain materials, but also small in size.

In the industrial endoscope market, friendly businessmen are conservative and outdated. In the new era, JEET Endoscope will surely bring more disruptive products.