The structure of the camera of the industrial endoscope

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As the most important part of industrial endoscopes, cameras also appear in all aspects of our lives. The basic structure of the camera is similar, mainly divided into four basic structures, lens part, chip part, LED part, PCB and component parts.

Here we mainly introduce the composition of the lens. The lens contains multiple lenses and apertures. The lenses are divided into plastic lenses and glass lenses by material. Compared with plastic lenses, glass lenses have greater advantages in light transmittance and image quality. . The JEET lens uses a combination of multiple plastic lenses and glass lenses. When the light signal passes through, the lenses will filter the stray light (infrared, etc.) layer by layer. Therefore, the more the number of lenses, the more realistic the image and the better the image quality. high. When selecting an endoscope, the imaging quality of the camera is an important reference point. The depth of field and focal length are also parameters that cannot be ignored. How to determine the depth of field and focal length of an industrial endoscope has been introduced before, and it can be found on the official website of JEET Query www.jeetvideoscope.com