Application of non-destructive inspection industrial endosco

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Principles of non-destructive testing of industrial endoscopes

Industrial endoscope is a branch of non-destructive testing, or it can be said to be a specialized testing technology.

Due to its special size design, the industrial endoscope allows us to easily and accurately observe the internal surface structure or working state of the object without destroying the surface of the object to be detected.

Non-destructive testing requires the use of industrial endoscopes as testing tools, which are professionally designed and produced to meet industrial complex use environments. Endoscope inspection is a kind of inspection technology that has gradually been widely used in recent years with the development of endoscope manufacturing technology. According to the characteristics of the manufacturing process, we generally divide industrial endoscopes into three types: optical rigid tube mirrors, fiber optic mirrors, and video mirrors.

Industrial endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation of high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and places that cannot be directly observed by the human eye. They are mainly used for automobiles, aero engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc., without disassembly or destruction of assembly and equipment Non-destructive testing can be realized when the operation is stopped. On the other hand, industrial endoscopes can also be connected with cameras, video cameras or electronic computers to form a photographic, video, and image processing system to monitor, record, store and map the field of view targets. Image analysis. Provides a good guarantee for diagnosis and treatment.

Industrial endoscope applications

The electronic endoscope is a new high-tech product designed and produced according to the inspection requirements of the inner surface of straight pipelines in the petrochemical, industrial machinery, electronic and aerospace industries, and aerospace. The industrial endoscopy instrument is equipped with a high-resolution color monitor or a pen computer with a USB port. This computer is more convenient to carry, and the observation image is clearer. It enables the operator to use a high-resolution color CCD to take advantage of the observed suspicious points and flaw detection parts. The professional software processing system for freezing, amplifying, analyzing, measuring and printing reports greatly improves the accuracy of judging the flaw detection parts of the inner wall of the pipeline.

It is convenient and reliable to use. Such as the inspection and maintenance of defect detection, condition monitoring and maintenance of important equipment such as turbines, pipelines, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, valves, pressure vessels, etc., nuclear power plants, wind power plants, hydropower plants, thermal power plants, etc. Equipment testing of power plants and power construction units is even more indispensable.

Engine overhaul

Turbine cleaning, blade and nozzle/nozzle blockage inspection, recovery of missing parts, corrosion conditions inside and outside the pipeline, main steam pipeline, water heater, condenser, wind turbine, blade operation status, refining/oil transmission line and Sealing system, valve base inspection, turbine/generator/generator, generator stator inspection, blade inspection.

Public Security and Customs

Weapon manufacturing is used to check the wear, looseness, oil leakage of mechanical gear parts, and the internal condition of the gun barrel. Security inspections are used by public security and customs departments to inspect concealed drugs and smuggled goods. Video endoscope technology has also been applied in weapon manufacturing, Nissan maintenance, security, customs inspection, search and rescue, and life detection. Search and rescue detection is used for earthquake search and rescue, search for emergencies, and explosion-proof inspection.

Aerospace Industry

Routine maintenance and inspection of large diesel engines of railways and ships, various engines and pipelines. It is used for regular inspections of aircraft turbines, blades, engines, weld surfaces, duct surfaces, combustion chamber interiors or body inspections, as well as the research, development and manufacturing of rocket engines.


There is no need to disassemble the inspected equipment during the inspection process, so it is a very cost-effective inspection solution. Especially for the detection and inspection of internal defects such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, spherical tank trucks in petroleum refineries, pipeline facilities in the chemical industry, special inspection institutes and pressure vessel production units.

Automobile manufacturing, transportation

In the cleaning and maintenance of automobile engines, endoscopes are also indispensable daily tools. At the same time, it is easy to operate, flexible, compact and easy to carry. The soft, small and bendable insertion tube can reach any hidden part that needs to be checked. Automotive endoscopes are widely used in the automotive production and maintenance industries. They are mainly used to detect and diagnose automotive engines, cylinders, hydraulic components, fuel pipes, engines, mufflers, delivery and air conditioning systems, differentials, water tanks, fuel tanks, and gears. The abrasion, coking, blockage and other conditions of the box improve work efficiency, reduce repair costs, and avoid damage caused by multiple disassembly and assembly of mechanical parts.

Locomotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, food pipeline

Railways/ships are used to inspect electric locomotives, air conditioning systems, turbines, heaters, diesel engines, boiler flames, and pipelines. Construction engineering is used to check the corrosion and dirt of steel pipes, internal diagnosis of walls, etc., the condition of steel rust, support shafts, cracks in bridge joints, etc., and can also be used for observation of cavities inside tunnels and building models; corrosion and corrosion of tap water drainage pipes Diagnosis of blockage. Research units are used for observation, scientific research, laboratories, archaeology, etc. of research institutions.

Mechanical casting industry

Used in auto parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body and valve casting, mechanical parts casting, pipeline and pipe fittings casting units, used to check the quality control of casting sand, burrs and staggered holes.

JEET industrial endoscope, with the characteristics of steerable, small size, light weight, intuitive and visible, clear image, portability and practicality, is a commonly used non-destructive testing equipment, has a wide range of applications in various industries. In the medical industry, there are also many applications, if you need to know more details, please contact us.