The advantages of industrial endoscopes used in pipe welding

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With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of products and product accessories, as the last checkpoint in the forming of products or accessories: the quality control of pipes and pipe welds is particularly important. When the customer is facing the inner side of the pipeline or some complicated space that is difficult to inspect, good inspection technology and inspection methods can avoid the appearance of defective and inferior products, and can restore huge economic losses and social impacts for the enterprise.

Industrial endoscopes can perform non-destructive testing for spaces with large curvatures that cannot be directly viewed without disassembly or destruction of assembly and equipment shutdown. Using an industrial endoscope can confirm whether there are cracks, incomplete penetration, slag inclusion, incomplete sidewall welding, leakage and similar welding defects inside the pipeline. In this way, the losses caused by subsequent use of pipeline production can be avoided.

The S series tool video endoscope invented and produced by JEET Technology has a 360° steering of the probe and a large bending angle of 220°, which can observe the situation in the pipeline without dead angles, avoiding omissions due to the bending angle of the industrial endoscope. Some corners cannot be detected. Industrial endoscope machine handheld integrated design, one-handed operation, easy to check the quality of the weld surface, and can take photos and videos with one button, real-time wireless image transmission, provide clear and complete endoscopic images and video data storage; it has 1280* The high-definition picture quality of 720, the quality and color of welding residue, welding bead can be displayed vividly.