Application of industrial videoscope in aircraft---inspectin

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The role of aircraft landing gear:

1. Withstanding the gravity of the aircraft when it is parked on the ground, taxiing, taking off and landing.

2. Withstanding, consuming and absorbing the impact with the grand and bump energy of the aircraft during landing.

3. Braking during coasting and taxiing.

4. Maneuvering the aircraft during costing and taxiing.

In particular, the landing gear withstands a huge impact force when the aircraft lands, which the impact force can reach 2-3 times of the gravity. Therefore, the outer cylinder of the landing gear is the strongest part of the aircraft; high-frequency landings will cause fatigue cracks on the inner wall of the outer cylinder of the landing gear, which will affect the flight safety.    


The outer cylinder of landing gear: It is usually made of high-strength alloy steel material, so as to withstand the maximum pre-take-off weight of the aircraft and high-frequency landing impact. In order to ensure the flight safety, there is strict requirement on the service life and regular maintenance of the landing gear. 

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Industrial videoscope is an important tool in RVI( Remote Visual Inspection). The inspector can check the inner wall of the outer cylinder with industrial videoscope, in order to know the wear and fatigue cracks of the inner wall.

Inspection Method:

Clean the surface of the cylinder wall and spray ultraviolet fluorescent agent on it. Inspect the inner wall with UV videoscope after a certain time. If there is a fatigue crack, the fluorescent liquid will penetrate into the crack. The location of the crack can be clearly seen.

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