How Can I Perform Internal Inspection Of The Equipment Witho

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Video industrial endoscope has unique advantages in the NDT industry, it can extend the observation range of the human eye, and through 360 ° arbitrary change in the angle of the line of sight, intuitive and accurate observation of the real condition of the internal surface of the object in a narrow space where the human eye can not see directly, which can not be achieved directly by other inspection instruments. Therefore, when not disassembling the equipment, we choose video industrial endoscope as the main tool for internal inspection of equipment.

  For example, in the aerospace industry applications, the probe of the industrial endoscope can be extended to the interior of the aircraft engine to directly observe the real condition of the combustion chamber inside the engine or turbine blades and other parts of the equipment internal surface conditions; the more hidden, narrow and dark areas of the surface condition of the image visual inspection, without the equipment or components to be broken down to do destructive inspection, greatly reducing the time of maintenance and inspection, and greatly reducing the time of inspection. Save costs, while ensuring the safe operation of equipment. The use of industrial endoscopes for maintenance is easy and reliable, very intuitive and effective.

Professional R & D, production of industrial borescope manufacturers - Shenzhen Jietai Technology Co., Ltd, the production design of the THX series of high-definition industrial borescope, using 5.1-inch HD IPS full-view display, resolution up to 1280 × 960; million HD camera 360 ° all-round rotation, the maximum angle up to 190 °;. Meanwhile, the brightness is adjustable in 9 levels, and the illumination can be greater than 100000Lx, which ensures the inspection environment has super bright visibility and escorts for clear image effect. With the intelligent image processing system, so that the detection results are more intuitive.

  Whether in the aerospace field or the electronics industry and other manufacturing, maintenance industry, the use of endoscopes for NDT inspection are very good results, solve many difficult problems, to ensure the normal operation of the whole set of equipment, to avoid some accidents.