Shenzhen Jietai pipeline endoscope used in boiler inspection

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In the internal inspection of power plant boiler, according to the "boiler safety technology supervision regulations" and "boiler regular inspection rules", some parts of power plant boiler, such as economizer inlet header, water wall lower header and desuperheater, need to be inspected by endoscope. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether there is obvious corrosion in the lower header of the water wall, whether the blowdown (drain pipe hole) is blocked, whether the inlet throttle ring falls off, whether it is blocked, whether it is obviously worn, and whether the internal baffle is cracked or collapsed It is easy to cause serious scale, foreign matter accumulation and inner wall corrosion for the first part of the boiler where the external water enters; the desuperheater, as a device for regulating the temperature of superheater and reheater, is easy to have defects such as cracking of spray pipe, fixing weld of locating pin, damage of nozzle, etc. Shenzhen Jietai TG2 pipeline endoscope can meet the needs of users in this scene.


Technical features

1. With a number of domestic patent innovative design, using German imported high-quality devices, professional technology to build.

2. The whole machine is portable, suitable for single person operation in complex occasions, and can be used for both AC and DC.

3. A single device can replace different lengths of cable and lens, so as to achieve the effect of multi-purpose.

4. Optical zoom technology of lens makes detection more detailed and precise (patented)

5. The axial direction of the lens is 360 ° and the radial direction is 220 ° so that there is no dead angle.

6. The auxiliary rear light source with adjustable brightness is designed to make the detection image clearer. LED cold light source lighting scheme is adopted, and the lens is equipped with interchangeable auxiliary strong light system, so as to make the detection effect more prominent; (patent)

7. The field of view of wide-angle direct viewing lens is larger than that of imported equipment, and it supports electric focusing (patent)

8. The detection image can be magnified or reduced in real time on the host screen, so as to quickly identify hidden dangers.

9. It has its own power supply, so there is no need to use AC on site, and it can be detected at any time

10. Video recording and photographing can be set freely, which is easy to use,

11. Waterproof design, IP68 waterproof grade, 10m waterproof (customized)

12. New system platform, full view touch screen, with measurement function.

Technical parameters:

1. The controller has the dual functions of intelligent integration of photographing and video recording, no need to connect other video recording equipment, with accurate date and time marking function, and can provide accurate time record for on-site detection. Support local replay. 7 inch color IPS full view touch screen, resolution: 1280 * 800.

2. It has a high-performance lithium-ion battery, which can work continuously for about 5-6 hours under full charge without external power supply.

3. Integrated control panel design, light adjusting, focusing, rotation and turnover control can be realized by touch keys.

4. Video electronic zoom function, picture real-time naming, one click lens direct view reset function.

5. The lens focusing function, brightness adjustment and background auxiliary strong light conversion can be easily realized by pressing the key on the host panel.

6. Equipped with 16GB memory card, the data can record the detection image, easy to archive.

7. Support WiFi hotspot function and laser measurement function.

8. One camera can support all the following lenses.

Video recording function can support picture capture without stopping recording.