Industrial endoscope foreign body (surplus) capture and salv

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With the development of science and technology and people's general attention to product quality, the scope of industrial endoscope detection has gradually expanded from the aerospace field to many other industrial fields, and runs through the whole process of production, manufacturing, quality inspection and maintenance.

Screws, nuts, tools and other small parts and components are often forgotten in the mechanical device, or fall into the key equipment due to different reasons. When the device and equipment can not be disassembled, these surplus materials will bring potential risks to the production and operation of key equipment.

To solve and deal with the situation such as the forgetting or falling of surplus objects or foreign bodies, and to solve it by means of shutdown maintenance or equipment disassembly will bring a huge waste of time and money. With years of rich experience in foreign body grasping and fishing, Jietai technology has designed a grasping tool set that meets the characteristics of foreign body grasping and fishing, and cooperated with Jietai industrial endoscope products It can solve the problem of catching and fishing foreign matters simply and quickly.

With our years of service experience, help our customers save downtime and unnecessary extra costs.

In terms of image definition and measurement accuracy, Jietai industrial endoscope is no inferior to some international brands in the competition, while it has greater advantages in terms of price and after-sales service compared with the same period last year, and the brand influence of the enterprise has been greatly improved. The company always adheres to the principle of customer first, honest management, and provides users with various, better quality products and technical testing services.