Service application of industrial endoscope in the field of

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The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is an important indicator of the country’s modernization and overall national strength. As a branch of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, high-end industrial endoscope manufacturing has broad development prospects. In the field of petroleum refining and chemical industry, industrial endoscopes can be used for equipment maintenance and testing, and they are intuitive, fast and convenient.

The profitability of petroleum refining and chemical companies depends critically on the continuous, high-efficiency and uninterrupted operation of production equipment. The waste of time and energy is the key factor in determining profitability; avoiding unnecessary shutdowns is crucial for petroleum refining and chemical companies. Some key production processes are difficult to start, stop and are easily controlled, so any error or interference will have a huge impact on the production process and unnecessary costs.

The use of JEET technology industrial endoscope products can help you in the installation and construction phase, maintenance phase, greatly reduce the downtime for maintenance, save energy while reducing unnecessary costs, and protect the personal safety of inspectors.

For thorny issues such as the endoscope inspection of the pipe girth weld, the investigation of the internal situation of the pipe, the internal blockage of the pipe and the grabbing or salvaging of the extra objects (foreign objects) inside the pipe, the industrial endoscope inspection technicians of JEET Technology will provide you with Professional services, whether it is during factory shutdowns for maintenance or temporary emergencies.

For example, we can provide industrial endoscope inspection services for pipeline welding quality, industrial endoscope inspection services for the primary and secondary sides of heat exchangers, and industrial endoscope inspection services for pressure vessels and storage tanks without the need for inspection personnel. No need to wear heavy protective clothing and emergency breathing device, no need to build scaffolding, which greatly reduces time and cost.

As a well-known domestic manufacturer of industrial endoscopes, JEET Technology strives to provide users with products with stable and reliable performance and excellent product quality. At present, our independent research and development and production equipment have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions at home and abroad. Endoscope technology is at the forefront of the industry. Especially with the measurable three-dimensional measurement industrial endoscope, it has realized the defect from qualitative judgment to quantitative analysis, which has won extensive attention from customers.