Application of Industrial Endoscope in the Maintenance of Hi

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Industrial endoscopes have been widely used in various industrial fields since they were introduced into the country for aero engine inspection in the 1980s and 1990s: various parts, pipes, cavities, internal defects and operating conditions of equipment Detection and so on, can see them. The development of domestic industrial endoscopes has also gone from disorder to gradual order. The market has gradually pushed some brands that value product quality and service to the front of users.

How to improve the efficiency of maintenance work under the premise of ensuring the quality of EMU maintenance has become an area of concern for many railway vehicle maintenance workers. The following introduces the application of industrial endoscopes in the field of high-speed rail EMU maintenance.

Industrial endoscopes are widely used in the railway industry. They are used in the detection of railway diesel locomotives and later in the development and manufacturing of railway engineering vehicles and transportation vehicles, which have made important contributions to the safety of early railway operation. In recent years, with the development of the railway industry, diesel locomotives have gradually faded out of the mainstream of railways, replaced by electric locomotives and EMUs, and endoscopes have become prominent in gearboxes, hollow axles, electric motors, bogie side frames, shock absorber springs, air-conditioning ventilation systems, etc. An irreplaceable function. Among them, the inspection of gearbox, motor and hollow shaft is obvious.

Gearboxes, electric motors and hollow shafts are the core parts of high-speed rail EMUs. During the high-speed operation of the high-speed railway, the gearbox will inevitably have problems such as gear wear and poor engagement. The consequences will be the continuous high temperature of the gearbox, which will cause the high-speed railway to stop urgently, causing huge hidden dangers to the high-speed railway operation; the motor is in operation Frequent start and stop, withstand wind, sand, rain and dust, and failure to overhaul in time will cause motor failure; the hollow bearing carries the car body, and every small corrosion and wear should be paid attention to. The endoscope can go deep into the gearbox, the electric motor and the hollow shaft to check every small change and hidden danger, to ensure the safety of the moving part of the EMU, and to make new contributions to the safe and fast travel of the high-speed rail.

Since the establishment of JEET Technology, the company has steadily developed technology, constantly insisted on independent innovation, and actively carried out endoscope product design and endoscope technology research. After years of hard work, the R&D team has developed a variety of new industrial endoscope products, which have been recognized by many customers at home and abroad.

Among the many products of JEET, the high-end products represented by the three-dimensional measurement high-definition industrial endoscopes are not inferior in the competition with some international brands in terms of image clarity and measurement accuracy, and in terms of price and after-sales service. On the other hand, it has a greater advantage year-on-year, and the corporate brand influence has been even more improved. The company always insists on customer first, integrity management, and provides users with multi-faceted and better quality products and technical testing services.