Features and advantages of non-destructive testing!

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Non-destructive testing is the use of the sound, light, magnetic and electrical properties of the material, without damaging the test piece, using physical or chemical methods as a means, with the help of advanced technology and equipment, to determine the internal and surface structure of the test piece. , Nature, state of inspection and testing methods.

To understand the advantages of non-destructive testing, you must first compare it with destructive testing in order to understand the characteristics of non-destructive testing in detail. The biggest advantage of non-destructive testing technology is that it is non-destructive, because it does not damage the performance of the object being tested during testing; non-destructive testing can ensure product quality, ensure safety in use, reduce production costs, and improve manufacturing processes. As a professional nondestructive testing instrument, industrial endoscopes are widely used in various sectors of modern core industries such as aviation, automobiles, ships, electrical, chemical, electric power, gas, atomic energy, civil engineering and construction. 

The scope of visual inspection of non-destructive testing mainly includes five aspects: 1. Check the surface defects of the weld, 2. Check the surface condition, 3. Check the inner cavity, 4. Check the assembly, 5. Check the extras inside the product.

Non-destructive testing is an indispensable and effective tool for industrial development, which reflects a country's industrial development level to a certain extent. 

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