TQ Series Automobive Videoscope Applied in Auto Aftermaket

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In auto repair shops, it often has such situations: the maintenance personnel disassembles the engine, observes the sealing condition of the piston and the cylinder to determine how to repair the vehicles; the maintenance personnel disassembles the cylinder head and observes the carbon deposition on the piston top and the valve in order to find out the cause of the damage and make a specific cleaning plan. These disassembly work not only consumes labor and time, but also easily caused new damage especially when dismantling some old vehicles. For those places that cannot be seen directly with human eyes, maintenance workers usually use rigid borescope for diagnosis and maintenance, but the ordinary borescope often has poor image quality and no articulation, which requires high skill of inspection for the technicians and increase their maintenance difficulty. Is there any better solution?


Industrial videoscopes with articulating probe provide a better solution. They can be used to inspect objects which are invisible to the naked eye clearly and directly, which brings great convenience to the maintenance technicians.

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JEET TQ series 360° articulating videoscopes are such kind of products and mainly used for the inspection and diagnosis of automobile engines, which can greatly reduce the repair time and cost, and also avoid the damage caused by multiple disassembly and assembly of the parts. In the cleaning and maintenance of car engines, TQ series videoscope can clearly check the conditions of the engine's carbon deposition, nozzle and other parts, in order to provide comprehensive test report for maintenance of the engine. After the cleaning and maintenance finished, technicians can use the videoscope again to inspect and show the result to the customers. This can greatly improve the service quality and enhance the consumption satisfactory of the customers.

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