At the end of September, JEET Endoscopes were shown in Chon

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On the eve of the October long holiday, all walks of life ushered in a small climax of busy work in the second half of the year. One of the industries that was "stuck" by the epidemic could finally catch up with the pace of previous years. As a niche category of industrial products—industrial endoscope, Shenzhen Jeet Technology Co., Ltd. will display all series of products at the exhibition, providing customers, friends and partners with a full range of on-site experience and communication opportunities, and winning customer friends Our praise.

From September 24th to 27th, Jeet videoscopes also appeared at Chongqing Lijia Exhibition, Shanghai Automobile Inspection Forum, and Hefei Manufacturing Expo, presenting the most representative endoscope products in the industry in front of customers and friends. Clients and friends showed millions of high-definition industrial endoscopes, ultra-small diameter industrial endoscopes, integrated high-definition endoscopes with far and near focus, three-dimensional measurement endoscopes and desktop casting endoscopes. Shenzhen Jietai Mega HD industrial endoscope adopts modular design and is equipped with 3.5-inch or 5.1-inch IPS display. It also has 10.1-inch and 13.0-inch large display endoscopes, compatible with 1.3mm\1.7mm\2.0mm\ 2.2mm\2.8mm\3.8mm\4.2mm\6mm\8mm pipe diameter can choose direct view, side view, direct side view integrated viewing direction, with powerful intelligent image system: realize image rotation, white balance, exposure suppression, image Negative film mode contrast measurement function, JEET F pro three-dimensional measurement endoscope has advanced precision measurement function, the product line almost meets the needs of various inspection sites.

Under the influence of the “epidemic”, the original gradual steps have become heavy or hurried. In the face of customer needs and working conditions, we adopt online communication, remotely coordinate operations, and strive to overcome technical bottlenecks in the face of industry problems. Over the past six months, Shenzhen Jeet has successively launched S series tool video endoscopes, F series three-dimensional measurement endoscopes, integrated far and near focus & direct-view side-view integrated ultra-clear lens, and 1.7mm ultra-small tube with steering capability. Diameter endoscope. The "epidemic" does limit our pace of travel, but it can't stop our desire to work hard to overcome the detection problem. In the last quarter of 2020, stay tuned!