With all-round upgrade, T51X will bring users better image

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With the development of science and technology, no matter what brands and products will undergo renewal constantly, in order to achieve the best use effect and meet higher demands. All products must face the checkout of market.    


JEET Videoscope is a professional manufacturer of industrial videoscopes. We have a highly educated R&D team with more than ten years of experience in the development of endoscope, and we conduct targeted NDT solutions to customers from all walks of life. Recently, JEET released ultra-fine 1.7mm videoscope, 2.0mm sideview videoscope, as well as MP borescope with more than 10 meters insertion tube.

JEET 1.7mm videoscope


In addition, after 8 months of design, modification, improvement, optimization, shaping, proofing and other processes, JEET finally developed a newly all-glass lens with an aperture of 4.5, DOV of 7mm~150mm, and FOV of 120 °, which is applied to JEET T51X Series MP Videoscope. The image quality is improved a lot. At the same time, the software code has also been optimized and upgraded, so that the edge of the image field of view has no blur, and the image outline in the depth of field is super clear. The most important thing is that its lens photosensitive is particularly prominent in the inspection of large container. The lens photosensitive has been increased by more than 3 times, comparing with the previous model

when inspecting large cavity, the edges of defects are clearer.



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