JEET F pro 3D Measurement Videoscope

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①What are the methods of measuring 3D vision?

3D measurement videoscope adopts non-contact measurement.Non-contact measurement methods mainly refer to optical measurement method.With the development of optoelectronic technology and microelectronic technology, various new devices appear constantly, non-contact optical measurement technology develops rapidly, and begins to be widely used in some field. Optical measurement method has been recognized as the most promising 3D surface measurement method due to its advantages of high sensitivity, high speed, no damage, and more data acquisition.


②The Significance of "Accurate 3D measurement" to Industrial Videoscope

Precision 3D measurement, an optical measurement method applied to industrial Videoscope, has realized a leap from "qualitative" to "quantitative" in videoscope inspection.

Due to industrial videoscopes are aimed at the objects that cannot be directly observed by human eyes. The size of the observation hole determines the diameter of the probe, and the length of the tube limits the information transmission, So,it is very difficult for industrial videoscopes to achieve accurate 3D measurement with such a difficult technology. However, in industrial production, such as aerospace, nuclear power operation and maintenance, military manufacturing, shipping, construction and bridge engineering, new energy and other industries, due to the lack of access to accurate measurement information in working conditions, a lot of manpower and material resources are needed to disassemble and maintain the equipment.


In order to provide accurate and convenient