Jeet industrial videoscope application for welding industry

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As we all know,the welding products applications, markets and final completed parts are wide ranging. But a bad weld can cause massive and even deadly failures to critical parts. So,the inspection of welds is critical for the quality and integrity of the finished product. The methods and equipment vary but high resolution videoscopes are the professionals choice.


The weld inspection shall ensure the appearance of the weld smooth and even, the surface color is normal, and there shall be no flow particles or particles.At the same time, the cleanliness shall be tested to ensure that the weld surface shall be free of oxides and residues, otherwise, the steel wire brush or abrasive cloth shall be used to remove but not damage the weld.It is a common application of industrial videoscope to detect the internal surface state of the weld.


For example, pharmaceutical or food processing companies and the machine builders who produce the specified stainless steel equipment utilize Jeet videoscope expertise. Each weld must be documented, viewed 360 degrees, and tagged with its specific location. The customer can track the quality of the welds and verify the specifications.

Our dual camera videoscope with 4 way articulation make this difficult task easy. Jeet Technology videoscope is the welding inspection choice utilized when quality and application knowledge are required to meet our customers critical weld inspections.