JEET attended 2020 International Automotive Powertrain Manuf

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10th~11th, June, JEET was invited to attend 2020 International Automotive Powertrain Manufacturing Tech Summit in Liuzhou, Guangxi. It is the first exhibition JEET attended after Covid-19.

As a professional industrial endoscope manufacturer, JEET exhibited the latest videoscope models which is suitable for automotive manufacturing industry, including T51X 2.0mm/2.8mm industrial videoscope, 3.9mm/6mm dual-camera flexible borescope, S series tool videoscope and F series 3-D measurement videoscope.


On the exhibition, we communicated with technical experts and representatives in the automotive manufacturing industry , demonstrating our latest technology including joystick-control 360° flexible articulation, 220°large bending angle as well as 3-D measurement function, share the application cases and actual performance of JEET Videoscope in automotive manufacturing industry in recent years, which has been highly recognized by experts and attenders.