JEET developed IR & White dual-light videoscope

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Police use videoscopes are widely used in the fields of investigation, defense, military, security checking, explosion protection, search and rescue, and life detection, which can be roughly divided into two categories: white light videoscopes and IR videoscopes. The light source of the white light videoscope is visible to the human eye. If it is used in the field of anti-terrorism and criminal investigation at night, the user's whereabouts will be exposed due to the light problem; while the infrared light source of the IR videoscope is invisible to the human eye. It is suitable for night vision scenes. But the image of IR videoscope is black and white, which is not suitable for inspect colored objects. Because the market demands for these two police videoscopes are roughly the same, customers need to purchase these two types of videoscopes together to meet different applications.


Since there is no videoscopes with IR and white light dual light sources in the market, users can only purchase two sets of products to meet the inspection demands, which increases the purchase cost, and is also not easy to carry. Many customers require IR & white dual- light videoscopes.


In response to market needs, JEET R&D team successfully developed